Create bank transfers

Creates and sends a batch of bank transfers without the requiring of an additional authorization,
this can be between accounts of the same or different banks,
which allows multiple transfers to be processed together in a single request.

When the server receives the request, it will process it and initiate the transfer of funds
between the source and destination bank accounts. This involves debiting the appropriate amount from
the source account, and crediting the destination account with the transferred funds.

This endpoint is used in cases where the client wants to initiate bank transfers from
their own system or application, without the need to log in to their bank's website or
use a separate banking app. This can be useful for a variety of purposes,
such as to automate financial operations, to streamline the payment process,
or to provide a more convenient user experience.


  1. API key role allowed to consume this endpoint is "Administrator".
  2. The minimum number of transfers allowed per batch is 1.
  3. The maximum number of transfers allowed per batch are 1.000.
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