Ledger and Cards

Ledger is a Mono product that allows you to create and manage virtual balances in multiple currencies, as well as associate them with different payment methods such as cards and transfers. Additionally, Ledger Mono provides you with the flexibility to adapt your financial operations according to the specific needs of your business or products. From launching digital wallets to issuing branded cards, Ledger Mono provides you with the necessary tools to manage your financial transactions efficiently and securely.

Mono Ledger is only available via API.

To complete your integration, you need to manage Ledger actors:

Tenant Account:

The tenant account serves as your primary account, responsible for managing all transactions to your clients' accounts (subaccounts). Additionally, it emulates the balance that you hold in your real-money account. Your tenant account supports different currencies, which will be set according to your requirements.

We will create your tenant account, and using thisendpoint , you can look up your tenant configuration, which includes the supported currencies and your card configuration groups.

Account Holders:

The account holders represent your users, the ones that you want to be created in Mono Ledger. Each individual must be registered as an account holder, granting them the ability to possess one or multiple balances, cards, and conduct transfers between accounts.

To create account holders, you can use this endpoint, and you will need to define the following aspects:

Card Holder Personal Information:

  • Country
  • Document Number and Type
  • First and Last Name
  • Person Type
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Email


In these accounts, you will be able to hold and manage your cardholders' virtual money. Each account holder can have one or more accounts, but these accounts can have only one currency. These are not real bank accounts; they are virtual accounts where you will be able to deposit virtual money and review transactions.

To create an account, you will need to use this endpoint and define the following aspects:

  • Account Holder ID
  • Currency Code
  • Name you want to give to your account


You can create and link virtual cards to each one of the accounts, and they can be used for services like Facebook Ads, Google Workplace, among others. These cards can be customised with your own design, or they can have the classic Mono design.

Cards in Mono Ledger are debit cards, that means that they will work with the money of the accounts they are linked to, they will always be linked to this account and will use the money available there.

You can use this endpoint to create Ledger virtual cards, and you will need to define the following aspects:

  • Account id you want your card to be linked to.
  • Card Holder Personal Information.
  • Card Configuration Group
  • Card Nickname.

Bank Transfers:

With Mono Ledger Colombia, you will be able to make bank transfers from your ledger accounts, to any account in the Colombian financial system. They could be via Turbo transfer or normal ACH transfers. This will be available very soon for Ledger Colombia.


How does your Ledger work?

We will create your tenant account and give you access to your API Keys. In order to create the account you will need to define the following aspects:

  • Currencies you want your account to have.
  • Tenant Fees for national and international purchases, this is the percentage you’ll charge for each purchase made with the cards linked to your accounts.

At the same time, we will create you an account for your real money, your virtual money account will act as a mirror to that account, and will have available the same amount of money.

Virtual Money vs Real Money

In order to use your ledger, you will need to understand the difference between real and virtual money:

Real Money

Money you will have in your real money account, the account that you are going to fund. Money will come out from this account only when a real transaction is made, for example a card purchase.

Virtual Money

Money you use to make topups and withdrawals to your ledger accounts, there is no movement of real money when you make one of these operations.

The money in your Ledger is virtual money, that means that all the topups you make to ledger accounts, or the transfers between ledger accounts will not make real transactions from your real money account. So, when will this money be discounted? The moment one of your account holders makes a transaction outside your ledger, for example: a card purchase, or a bank transfer outside Mono. This is a great thing for you, because you will be able to study the way your users are spending their money, and based on that charge your real account, it does not need to be 1:1 with the money you put in the ledger accounts.