This is how Cards work in Mono

Cards are a payment method that allows you to make payments for products and services. Mono's cards are in partnership with Visa and they can be debit or prepaid.

Types of Cards


These cards work with the balance associated with your Mono account. You don't need to reload the card beforehand; you just need to have money in your account.


These cards work with the balance you decide to credit. If you don't put money on the card, it won't be activated. To load or withdraw money from the card, you should use the topup/withdrawal cards endpoint.

The presentation of the cards can be in two ways:

Physical Cards:

These can be used to make payments in physical stores, withdraw money from ATMs, and even make online purchases. Our physical cards can include your logo or have the classic Mono design.

How can you obtain them?

You can request physical cards in batches or individually. Request your physical cards from the Mono Web App by going to the Cards > Physical Card section. Contact our sales team to request cards in batches.

How do I activate a physical card?

Once you receive the cards, log in to the Mono Web App, go to the Cards section, and you will see the message: You have 1 card on the way. Has it arrived? Activate it now. There, you need to enter the card alias, the desired card limit, and a PIN.

Virtual Cards:

These are available immediately and can be used for purchases and payments on digital platforms. With a CVV, they are perfect for paying for services like Facebook, Google, Slack, advertising, among others. Our virtual cards can be customized with the design you request or have the classic Mono design. Similar to physical cards, we guide you through the process to ensure everything meets your preferences.

How can you obtain them?

You can request virtual cards from the Mono web application or via API.

Creating a card via API:

After the authentication process, you can use this endpoint to generate the virtual cards you need. To generate one (or multiple) virtual cards in Mono via API, you need to define the following aspects:

  • Account ID to which the card will be associated (you can find your account ID here).
  • Cardholder information.
  • Initial amount if the card is prepaid.
  • Card alias and limit.
  • Cards created in Mono are in an active state at the moment of creation.

Card States:

Your Mono cards can be in one of the following states:

  • created: This state only applies to physical cards. The state your card is in before being activated in the Mono app. If your card is in this state, it won't work at any store.
  • active: This is the only state in which your card will work for payments.
  • frozen: In this state, your card is "suspended" for normal operation. You can re-activate it via API using the endpoint or from your Mono app.
  • canceled: Once you cancel a card, you can't use or activate it again. Use it when you no longer want to use this card.