Bussiness Concepts

Bussiness Concepts used for API and Webhooks

Quick overview about the most important concepts you need to understand using Mono's API and Webhooks.

Bank Account

Place where you can manage and hold your organization's money.

Your organization can manage multiple accounts, each one with its own independent balance and state.

Accounts in Mono have the following states:

  • active: Account in good standing and can be used for transfers.
  • canceled: Account closed by the organization's member or by Mono by inactivity.

Bank Transfer

Act of moving funds from one of your organization's accounts to another account outside Mono.

A Bank transfer can be made individually through Mono's web app and collectively through Mono's web app by uploading an Excel file and through the API.


A Batch is used when you want to make Bank transfers collectively by uploading an Excel file or through the API.

A batch is the group of bank transfers that you wish to make at the same time. The active account that will be used to move funds is a common property of the whole group of transfers and is set on the batch.